May 03, 2012

Red as an Apple

           So this upcoming week of May is the end of a sugar fast I have been on with my mom. We vowed to not eat any processed sugar until graduation weekend: May 11th. This has proven (and will continue to prove) to be a difficult task!! I am not one for health, I'd eat a Toaster Strudel any morning over any healthy alternative, and I am constantly hungry! No joke.. I think I cleaned out the pantry yesterday and the fridge today! I guess you could say this is a perk of being a teenager, but I feel that it's more of a curse, and I feel that my curse has been laid on especially heavy in my case. UGH. These two combinations are deadly, so yesterday when searching our refrigerator for a snack (again) I pulled out an apple. I don't like apples, but I was hungry, and when I'm hungry I don't really care what it is (that's sarcasm. I do care.. I really couldn't eat fried frog legs). I ended up not even eating any of it, but instead taking pictures of it cause it was so cool looking. Apples are nifty.

Super-de-duper red

But not really yummy...

Love, Me.