March 31, 2013

promises of sunshine.

Today was Easter Sunday. I love love love this holiday. I love Easter because it's not like other holidays. There is no pressure to buy gifts, not as much focus on stupid material things, and it's a promise of spring. Eater is easy to look forward to because I feel like, from here on out, it's just a downhill slope to summer. We can make it through you guys...We can do this. I had a fabulous day with my amazing family. We ate some of the best food I'll ever eat in my entire life and just had an overall blast hanging out. I hope your Easter was perfect as well. Time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

March 30, 2013




          Today is absolutely perfect. The sun is shining and it smells like spring.  My mood this morning is close to identical to how my 8-year-old brother is on Christmas.  That probably can be attributed to the wonderful Easter weekend I have been having.

         Yesterday we were blessed with a glorious 70 degree day that I was able to enjoy outside with Katie.  We spent Thursday night crying our eyes out to Les Mis then woke up last morning to sunshine and a walk exploring the woods.  I then had coffee with a long lost friend around 2 then got back just in time to go for a walkish/run (probably more walk then run).  Last night we then had our Easter Cantata at our church which went marvelously. I love being able to worship and glorify my God with my voice. After the performance was over, we went to our local coffee shop. I drank some fantastic ice tea and then went on a spontaneous trip to the movies with a bunch of friends. When we got home I discovered it was raining so I was then able to fall asleep to the sound of the rain pattering on my window.  Life is so good to me. Today I have already been outside for a while, breathing in the smell of the freshly watered earth.  Nothing soothes the soul more than sunshine and spring. If you have the chance today, I  strongly advise a trip out-of-doors.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate what is right out our back door. During the summer we take for advantage the sun and the green grass: something that has gone amiss for a few months here.  That's why I'm thankful for the dreary month of February because it makes the coming of spring all the more anticipated.  It's like when you're sick for an extended amount of time and all you want is to be able to do the tasks you once did with ease. Take today and thank The Lord for what we have been given. Not only the promise of spring and another day to be alive, but this weekend is Easter weekend: the weekend we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection.  To think that He really did that for us... for me?  Took all of the world's sin upon Him and died for us?  Life truly is a blessing. 

March 25, 2013


        I really don't want all of you to think that I'm completely self-absorbed or obsessed with pictures of myself.  Nothing bothers me more than "Selfie-Sunday" and Instagram feeds with nothing more than countless pictures of your own face.

It's just that we found our old tripod from my mom's old film camera and I wanted to try it out yesterday afternoon. I have also been meaning to test out my white/grey bedroom wall as a background. It could potentially be extremely useful with other people's pictures I'll be taking (Lord willing). 

This is the result of my tripod/wall run. I had an, well, interesting time pretending to be ferocious and sometimes in pain. Cameras are pretty amazing and so is red lipstick.

Natural lighting and black and white RAW filters are my favorite. 

Also.. to keep in style with my music trend right now I am listening to Devil On My Shoulder by Orla Gartland.  She's the bomb. 

March 18, 2013


Alright.. cough.. this next post is a little, well, embarrassing. In Art class we had the option of either A) creating a collage out of pictures or B) submitting a poster to an Art contest with the possibility of winning 50 or something bucks. So naturally I choose the option B. The only draw backs of this little contest is that there was a theme, and that theme happened to be "Don't be a bully. Be a friend" GAG. I might have thrown up a little. Don't get me wrong, I AM anti-bullying. It's awful and kids should never have to go through anything like that. We should put an end to it. I just felt over cliche, and if you know English very well over-cliche is super super cliche. I felt like a teeny-bopper (as my mother so lovingly coins us) who shares gagy "swag" pictures on facebook. In the end I swallowed my pride and bit off the poster. My friends, Talia and Tori, who you all know so well, collaborated with me and thus we developed this picture. It was a very fun project to create. It involved thinking of as many insults as we could then writing them on my face (we even had to google some... which I guess is a good thing), trying numerous arm postions, and making Whitney cry. I literally was crying during the shoot. We discovered that Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone" opens up my easy accessed flood-gates like a charm. We also YouTubed the saddest moments in Disney history. Struggles. 

The finished poster is bellow. 

Shout-out to Walgreens for printing it at 9 PM. 

okay this was sorta fun. 


March 04, 2013


       Last weekend was glorious! It was not only our usual three day reprieve from school, but a five day break! I couldn't have asked for more! The longer hiatus was because of a snow storm that (sort-of) blew through on Wednesday night. It lasted all day Thursday, thus canceling school on friday as well. The extra two days were just what I needed to get some required sleep and spend some time reading (re-reading Harry Potter) and playing my guitar. I also got the chance to have Katie over and do a little photo-shoot we had been longing for since summer.

      The break was amazing, although it almost made returning to school last Tuesday even harder. I say we skip these last three months and go straight to summer! Who's with me?

    Also, since I have seemingly been on a streak of posting what I'm lisstening to while typing I figured I'd include it in this post. Right now I'm jamming to Fist Full of Silence by the Glitch Mob.  I know.  I go hardcore.