February 11, 2013

So it's Monday.

So it's Monday today. Yes, Monday. The worst day of the week according to most. The day that everyone dreads. I mean, the weekend is over and you have an entire 4 more days to go till the next break. Four whole days till freedom. Mondays should be terrible, should they not?

This evening I went for a walk around 5:45 in the bitter cold. It was sunny and beautiful, but the cold wind cut through and gave you a chill. It was lovely anyway. This time I had in the outdoors got me thinking. Quiet walks with just me and my dog tend to have that affect on me. Without any music, noise, people, or there distractions you find yourself thinking; whether you like that or not. I was reminded how much I have to be thankful for. Why do we live life waiting for the next Friday night? Dreading the next Monday? I don't believe we were created to live weekend to weekend. I think we are created to enjoy life everyday. Don't miss what's going on around you because you're just dragging yourself through your week, with your head down, hoping to make it till Friday.

There's so many little things in life that we never stop to appreciate:

 like the neighbor's horses. They're actually adorable- all fuzzy and winter-fied,

Or the line of cows that stopped and stared at me as I walked by like I was some sort of one-man-travelling-circus. I pictured them all laughing and talking to each other in their high-pitched confused voices.

Or the fact that I came inside and my mom had made homemade pasta for dinner.

Or how I'm sitting here wearing my Grandpa's sweatshirt and I have the peace of knowing that He's in Heaven and having a whale of a time.

Or how I'm listening to Daughter and enjoying every second of her wonderful voice.

Today was a good day.