July 10, 2012



I've heard it said that everyone in the world has a twin somewhere on the earth.

I found mine.

We are cousins.


3rd cousins... but we can still brag about it.

And brag we do.

But I think we might actually be the same person.

Divided into two bodies.

We laugh.

A lot.

It's kinda more giggly-sounding too.

PS. You're beautiful

PPS. I love you.

And now switching gears on you a bit.
We went to town.


Hey there, 1967, what's up?

Thanks, love. 

Sincerely, Me. 

July 09, 2012

Coke Please.

Ah Coke. The classic American drink. When I open a retro bottle of Coke I feel like I should be in an old commercial with the farm kids skiing behind a horse or flying off a tire swing, like the one below. 

Okay. I know that was Mountain Dew.. but I still get the same feelings. 

Something about that makes me feel nostalgic towards the old America- not that America is not wonderful now- because it surely is, but something about times when people were more concerned about spending time as a family then in front of a TV or phone or computer attracts me. Times when communities came together because they wanted to. I'm the type of person founded on traditional values and ethics, and that's how I like it. 

I always keep the bottles because they are so neat.