July 09, 2014


          For the past year, I have been reading way too much of the Free People Blog, studying the Nourishing Traditions cookbook my mom lives by, and researching chemicals in fast food and makeup like never before. It's time to admit that I...am on a health kick, but then again I’m pretty sure everyone in America (and Europe) is. 
It's a trend, but I suppose that if you’re going to jump on the trendy bandwagon of anything, health is not a the worst option. In my hipster-inclinded defense though, my mom has owned that cookbook for eight years, we ate cage-free chicken and grass-fed beef before it was cool, and I've been doing yoga for years. Although the recent media crazed health trend has added a few more interests to my list. I have been obsessing over running, ballet, weird juices, coconut oil hair-hand-face-mouth-everything, and all kinds of other crud that can be categorized as crunchy-holistic-healthy. 

 When it comes to self image, I hold fast to the idea that God made each of us differently and that we shouldn't strive to look like Lily Aldridge or Jillian Michaels when that's not the way we were created, but I do believe that God has created us and expects us to take care of His creations. Your body is His Holy Temple and you should treat them thusly. Imagine this scenario:  
"happy birthday, darling daughter" your parents just bought you a new car! 
A Mercedes Benz. 
Only the best for their angel. (duh). 
Obviously you like this gift that your parents have given you so what do you do? You fill it with vegetable oil and hope it runs. You never change the tires. You let your friends spill nail polish all over the seats, you take it mudding in the back-woods of Bama, your dog has kittens in the trunk, etc. etc.
 No big deal right? Now if you're like me and you feel that a Mercedes Benz would be a wonderful upgrade from the bike you now drive, you're inwardly revolting at the idea of ruining a gift like that

It's the same way with our bodies, yet you are worth so much more than a rolling piece of metal. God has given you your body and He designed you in a specific way, you are His art: His most prized possession. Treat yourself with respect and show God that you are thankful for it.  Don't fill your body with vegetable oil when it needs gasoline (please don't actually drink gasoline... metaphors people). 

Take care of what you have been given.

I'll share some ideas and discoveries I have made among this journey with you here. Bear with me. 

peace and blessings. 

Oh and here's a picture of my coffee and donut that I had for breakfast yesterday. Long live health. 

July 07, 2014


        Can I honestly tell you one more time that I am sorry I haven't paid the slightest attention to my blog? Can I really blame business again and again?

         If I was to give a reason for my absence I WOULD say business is the chief offender, but when I peel back the layers I hide behind, that is a lie. Business-smishiness... EVERYONE is busy now-a-days and I frankly don't think it's a plausible excuse anymore. Yes my life is completely chalked full of activity, namely: work, but that doesn't mean I don't make time for other things. I make time for Pinterest, PLL, Tumblr, food, and everything else that's non-producive. I have realized that it's time for me to start making time for the things that make me better, one being this blog. This blog is essentially my journal. I write not for you to read (if there's a you even reading), but I write to learn, to grow, and to process. So I'll start doing that more. No longer will I care about an audience, I will simply be the audience.