August 24, 2013

screaming kitties.

 I'm getting the giggles tonight because I'm looking at these pictures, and imagining a human shriek coming from their open mouths. 


August 20, 2013

Morgan + Charmae

Sunday night (FOOTBALL..wait what...) I had the fantastic opportunity to photograph these two people: Morgan and Charmae. 

It was so much fun and I loved working with them both. 

 I love happiness and I love love. 

I love their cows and the gorgeous barn. I was in my element. 

August 18, 2013

These past 2160 minutes.

These 4 pictures bellow are basically a perfect summarization of the past 36 hours of my life. 

They have been quite delightful.

 I spent about 6 hours re-reading Harry Potter for the bajjilionth time yesterday afternoon so that's that and that's the best thing in the world.  

I spent about an hour dangling my bare-feet from our haymow door in the barn, just thinking about life and how great it really is to be able to live and breath and feel the wind on your feet and the sunlight in your hair and smell the smell of dusty hay and hear the meows of new born kittens that are hiding from anything that dares threaten their young lives (my dog) between the wooden wall and the stack of hay bales. 
It really is great that, even though summer is over and I'm back in classes, I have weekends and those weekends are three days long and those three days are filled with great things like thinking about these great things. 

It really is nice that I go to an amazing school and I get to learn from teachers who inspire me every day.  and I get to be surrounded by my best friends 10 hours of at least 4 days of every week from here until May 7th. 

Last night was filled with hours upon minutes of tumblr loving with my cousin Rebekah who I love with my whole heart. 

Within these past 36 hours I have drank copious amounts of coffee.
Some doctors sat coffee is good for you.  So that's what I'm telling myself because coffee makes me happy.

Tonight I'm taking pictures of two people who are in love and have decided to get married. 
Love is good. 

Right now I'm listening to Blitzen Trapper and getting very excited about their concert I'm going to this fall. 

I really like prepositional phrases today because I can.


August 15, 2013


Recently, I have just been on a patriotic streak. Don't you just love this big miracle of a country we call America?

What captures America better than two small-town girls, riding their grandma's tandem bike around the farm, in outfits found in the attic, waving around an American flag? Nothing.

August 13, 2013

Saturday afternoon here was spent throwing hay. We head out to the field of whoever is selling us the hay, with a flatbed trailer, gloves, and a water jug and load up bales of hay. This is something we do about twice a year in order to keep our barn stalked with food for the horses. It's a rough job, but it can be fun if you put your mind to it. My bros and I brought along the GoPro and decided to make a video out of the day, so here you are.

Camping Right.

        Summer is winding down to an end for me. Today is my last day of real summer and real freedom. This hurts my heart more than anything. This past month I have been anticipating this day and praying that it comes slowly. I've been holding onto summer like sand in my fist- the harder I squeezed the faster it poured out. But.. all is not depression and sadness, although it may seem that way, this year is a new start, it's a new chapter in life and I hope to fill the pages with adventure. 

This past month, though, I have managed to complete many summery tasks, some of which were even on the bucket list. One of these things was camping. Melissa my cousin from Maine came down for two weeks and accompanied Katie and I on this little outing. 

After loading up our trusty Gator with probably way too much supplies, we set out for our pasture where we flipped our performance switch from "homemaker" to "boy-scout." O was dubbed Bear Grills and took on the survival challenges we faced in the wild. We built a fire and then did our best to scrounge up some food. It all ended well and we slept like babies.