April 10, 2013

Dreary days.

Today I'm going to start by telling you what I'm listening to:

Deja vu by Crosby, Stills, & Nash. It's an old 1970's record. It's fantastic, and I think I just heard something about getting to Woodstock (ummm?).  Fortunately my whole family gets to enjoy it, because I have it blaring in our study room- and trust me, it's loud.   In my defense though, it's only so loud because only one speaker for the record player works if you don't have it loud enough, and then the sound is off centered and it drives my OCD self nuts. 

School was cancelled today due to icy roads. I think it was a good call because I was close to yanking back out my hockey skates and skating on our gravel driveway. If you didn't catch what I was trying to say there, it was really really icy. I didn't mind though, I mean, school was cancelled! It has been a day perfect for listening to old records and drinking tea. I even got to go to my grandmas and help her with a few things then relive my childhood watching "Annie" with Kate.

 Rainy, dreary, icy days make me want to cuddle and read. 
Nothing more. 


  1. Love the record pictures, whit! :)

  2. crosby stills and nash is the beeest! lovely blog :)

    1. Thanks! (: I think they are the best as well!