August 13, 2013

Camping Right.

        Summer is winding down to an end for me. Today is my last day of real summer and real freedom. This hurts my heart more than anything. This past month I have been anticipating this day and praying that it comes slowly. I've been holding onto summer like sand in my fist- the harder I squeezed the faster it poured out. But.. all is not depression and sadness, although it may seem that way, this year is a new start, it's a new chapter in life and I hope to fill the pages with adventure. 

This past month, though, I have managed to complete many summery tasks, some of which were even on the bucket list. One of these things was camping. Melissa my cousin from Maine came down for two weeks and accompanied Katie and I on this little outing. 

After loading up our trusty Gator with probably way too much supplies, we set out for our pasture where we flipped our performance switch from "homemaker" to "boy-scout." O was dubbed Bear Grills and took on the survival challenges we faced in the wild. We built a fire and then did our best to scrounge up some food. It all ended well and we slept like babies. 

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