March 26, 2012

Embrace Messy Hair.

What's with today's culture? It is SO messed up and contradictory. People are all about being "unique" and finding yourself, yet there are certain ways we are all supposed to do our make up and hair etc.Everyone flat irons their hair, or everyone curls it. You never actually know what someone's true hair really is. It's ridiculous if you ask me.

 I'm on a new craze of wearing your hair all natural- as in no heat, no straightening, no curling- just the way you were born (*cue Lady Gaga*). Crazy right? But if you think about it, what's more you than your hair? It's so unique. It is never the same as anyone else's and its completely self generated. So why not embrace it? Be yourself and dare to be different. I know the thought of just showering and going is absolutely horrifying to many of you neat freaks, but you could always do a milder version of all natural "messy" hair- such as scrunching or braiding or blow dry-styling. 

Going natural and messy is cute, unique and not to mention SO much easier. So if you're like me and always running late. Then embrace messy hair- and ROCK it. 

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