March 29, 2012

Just Some Spring Wear

Shoes from Old Navy (they make my life)
Spring: My favorite season of the year. It's not too hot, not too cold; everything is fresh and full of life, and the signs of a fast approaching summer are everywhere. Spring is also a time to whip out the summer outfits (my favorite) and try new things.

 The shoes you see in the picture to the right are TO-DIE-FOR. I love everything about them- the pointed toe, the Indian pattern, and the vibrant colors- plus they are comfortable.


< This is my staple outfit. I wear every piece of it in someway at least once a week. The scarf goes with everything and I have a crush on everything in this bright color, and the skirt is so classy (and Heaven knows you can never go wrong with classy) and has a neutral shade so it goes with almost anything.

Cropped t-shirts are also the rage this year, and frankly- it's for good reason. They are amazing. They make you look thin and are extremely comfortable. >

Ribbed tights make everything look great and Oxford (of sort) shoe belongs in every closet. They are great for pretty much any season.

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