August 07, 2012

Not Really a Cat Lady...

     So this upcoming post was a debatable one. Why you ask? Well...You see, I took a few pictures of a cat we have out in our barn and it was quite the splendid model for me, but I'm just not into cats. I apologize in advance to anyone who enjoys the presence of a feline, I do not mean you any ill feelings. We all have different things that float our boat, but cat's- not mine. 

This proved to be debatable probably because I have this fear that I'm never going to get married and I'm going to be that cranky old lady with 100 cats. So deep down I feel that taking pictures of them is the first step in that direction. Maybe. I'm just paranoid. 

She always casts the most depressed looking faces.

She looks like she could be the face for one of those animal cruelty commercials that always come on and ruin your perfectly good vege-time; the ones that hurt your heart and make you want to adopt all the puppies in the world and tell them everything is going to be okay.

I am a dog person though.

I also apologize if the writing in this was sporadic and spastic. I was distracted while posting. Quite possibly, I may have been watching the Olympics. 


Love, Whitneyyyyyyyyyyy.

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