August 13, 2012

Vintage Transportation.

 Earlier last week Talia and I were headed to our friend's house for an evening- before school starts. We were almost there and running late(ish) and we turned onto the gravel road. We were just going along and we stopped for a train. A usual train we thought... we were wrong. The train was going along as normal, but then it started to slow down... and it went slower and slower, until it was literally just inching along. Talia, being her usual rambunctious self, jumped out of the car and hoped on the train- which was still moving. Laughing, I whipped out my camera and the perfect photo opportunity was born when it finally came to a halt right on top of the road we needed to cross. 

Trains are actually quite ominous... I don't know if you knew that. 

So we started the night out with a bang AND eventually made it to our destination.
Sweet life.

Love, Whitney.

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