October 17, 2012

A Long Time No See...

As the title of this post indicates, it has indeed been a long... long time since I last posted. I feel like I'm saying that with every post I put up, but with this one it is incredibly true.
     Life has somewhat been in a bit of a disarray. Classes at school are in full swing, so the homework load is a bit incredible, and we have literally had visitors in our house for weeks (not the same ones, of course). Not that having company is a bad thing, frankly it's one of my favorite things in the world. Looking out my bedroom window and seeing a drive full of cars gives me a feeling of happiness. Sometimes I wonder what happened to hospitality and just having someone over for a visit. That's a subject I probably should save for another post... I'm feeling all-together-too-philosophical. We also experienced a tragedy among our family on October 4th. My beloved Grandpa was killed in a car accident. It has been a rough few weeks, but the Lord's Grace and family's support is pulling us through, and I know we will make it!
     So you get the general business of life, and I'm sure you're experiencing that as well with yourself. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves not to forget to appreciate the little moments. Our culture is constantly in a hurry, always trying to get through today, so we can move on to tomorrow, and that makes me sick! What are we missing?!
     Anywho... a midst all of this chaos, when all of my family was back in town for the funeral, we wanted to just get out and have a good time among us cousins, so we did! We had ourselves a little photo-shoot at my aunt and uncle's log-cabin that they are restoring.


Love, Whitney.

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