May 05, 2013

UO holla at your gurl.

I think this is art project number 124934 that I've posted on here. 
Okay, maybe not that many...
But still.
This project was to choose a company and take photos that they could use in a "mock ad" that we create.  Obviously, Tal, Tori, and I decided to work together, like we do for everything, and duh we choose Urban Outfitters as our company of choice. This is probably the favorite clothing store for all three of us. We had a blast and a half taking this pictures today. It was an overcast, Sunday afternoon and I couldn't have thought of anything better I would have wanted to be doing. All these pictures are pretty darn serious, but I guarantee.. frowning is the abnorm' for us. We spent most of our time cracking up and making awkward pictures. 
We're really good at making awkward pictures. 
I love them.

Oh, by the way, HEY Urban Outfitters.. I know you're probably dying to use these in a real ad, so just shoot me an email and we can get that worked out. (; 

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