June 02, 2013

altoids & JT

Yesterday was a very delightful one.  My cousin Rebekah invited me to go with her to a historical wedding dress display. It sounded interesting and scones and tea were promised. Of course I went. Roadtrips are my favorite and anything is fun with Rebekah. The dress show was in a tiny little town in the middle-of-no-where, Nebraska, about an hour drive away. 


We drove. We laughed. We belted Les Mis music at the top of our lungs, jammed to JT, hummed to She & Him.

Starbucks was drank, many Altoids were consumed, and pumpkin bread was devoured. 

We got lost once but stumbled upon burned trees and an old air base, bomb shelter.... probably looking as lost as ever to the farmers that drove by and caught glimpses of us stumbling about in our Ray-Bans and red lipstick.  We arrived at the little town museum where the dresses were and discovered we were the youngest by about 40 years, but that's what was expected and actually made it all the better. We met delightful people and her romantic stories about soldiers and people from a time that seems better than ours. Rebekah and I felt pains of nostalgia, but an appreciation for the present. 

We then discussed these thoughts over appetizers. 


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