January 06, 2014


        Saturday at approximately four o'clock pm my beautiful cousin Hannah Carlson married Ryan Ammermann. A cousin wedding has been something of the dreams for years between us girls. You see,  I come from a family where first cousins are more like brothers and sisters.  Christmas, Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays spent with family aren't a drag, they're the highlights of our year.  We find excuses to get together as much as possible, so what a better excuse than a wedding?!  We were right in dreaming about the fun we know we would have at a wedding.  This wedding was all that and more.  Ryan is a great... no a FANTASTIC addition to the Baker clan and I know I speak for all of us when I say he's already more than family... and props to you, Ryan, for sticking with Hannah even after you met US.  That's how we know it's true love.

I'm so thankful or the Godly example you two have set. God bless you.

I had the privilege of taking a few pictures at the wedding ceremony and reception. Candids are my favorite.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Ammermann

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