April 03, 2012

The Problem with Hipsters.

What is a hipster? According to the internet dictionaries a "hipster" is someone who is counter-cultural, tries to avoid anything mainstream (besides Apple), listens to different bands that no one has ever heard of, often times shops at second hand stores and dresses more grunge or indie, and is trying to appear to the world as a complete individual. They came around the 20s and 30s and still live today. But, what happens when being a hipster is mainstream?

Joe Jonas
Taylor Swift 
        Here is my problem I've been facing: do hipsters even really exist anymore? If by definition a hipster is someone who is anti-mainstream, then my grandma is a better hipster then all Y'all..er...you all (sorry I'm not really southern). It seems that recently, the mainstream media and culture has been hit with the idea of uniqueness and "hipsterness". People are doing everything they can to express their own personalities through their style and mannerisms. Hipster is trending. Take for example the rising nerd glasses fad: It started as an almost strange thing to do, and the truly brave recycled their dad's old glasses from the 80's. These 'kids' (I say kids lightly cause, psshhh, I suppose you could have been 40) were the originals, they wore them before the glasses hit mainstream, I would say they were actual hipsters, but then alas- the celebrities caught the bug and now what used to be a sign of nerd-dom and smarts was actually coolness and style- BOOM Claire's boutique was making thousands off the non-prescription big eyed glasses that teenagers were flocking to the stores to buy. Converse were once a thing of the hipsters, but they followed the same path as the glasses, along with TOMS (which are still fabulous) and Vans. Popular teem magazines started donning styles as "hipster" along with high line clothing brands. Now the term is one of a teenagers favorite words- "You're so hipster", "I'm just a total hipster" etc.
Urban Outfitters

Don't get me wrong though, there is nothing wrong with dressing just like one of these people- I- as a matter of a fact- own a pair of TOMS, Converse, and even "nerd glasses". I love the bohemian styles and embrace whole-heartedly being unique and looking more "natural" (is that the right word I'm looking for?)  I have
even been described as hipster. It's actually pretty neat and rather flattering, I just don't think that the term "hipster" is appropriate for this case scenario, seeing as how I bought my Converse in Payless, my over-sized sweater in Pac-Sun, my glasses at my eye doctor, and my skinny jeans at Aeropostale.


 But, to answer my original question "Do hipsters even exist?" I believe the answer is indeed, yes, but it's not what we think it is. No longer is it the tea drinking, bohemian dressing, nerd glasses wearing, Apple freak that we all associate with the word hipster, but something entirely different that none of us see, because they are not actually mainstream. Someone who's outfit we couldn't find all hanging together in one piece at Walmart, but someone who has enough amazingness to actually be themselves.


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