April 06, 2012

The FishTail Braid.

The FishTail Braid

How to.

So the braid, it's an essential in any female's life. The braid is one of my bad-hair-day-staples. Every girl needs to know how to braid, for the need to braid someone's (or your own) hair will arise at some point in your life- guaranteed! I find that the normal braid gets dull and average, so on those days of melancholy-ness I like to do the fishtail braid. Here's a simple tutorial that will show you how to fishtail.

The first thing you need is hair, longer hair is generally easier, but medium length hair will work too! I suggest having hair that hasn't been recently washed, because extremely clean hair makes it harder for the braid to stay in place and you will find yourself having lots of loose ends and fly-aways that slip out. I also like my hair to have a little curl or wave rather than straight hair for the same reason. 

Start by applying a moose or some form of styling gel.  If I don't use any gel the braid slips out within an hour. I have found that Garnier Fructis fiber gum putty works really well to keep the braid in place.  

Gather your hair to the side (usually the side opposite your natural part) and divide into two, equal sections. 

Take a piece of hair from the underneath of one section and cross it over to the topside of the other section. Then take a piece of hair from the bottom of the opposite section and cross it over to the top of the other section. (If that makes sense) You are weaving the hair together in a way and this way you are removing then replacing the same amount of hair from each section every time

Continue this process until you have gotten to the bottom of the braid then you fasten it with an elastic. 
You can tie a ribbon to the bottom to add a little flair or leave it just the way it is. 

And ta-da! You're done! It's simpler than the basic braid because you only have 2 sections of hair to work with. I also used really thick pieces of hair in this, but you can use thinner pieces to make the fishtail more obvious.

Thanks! Comment if you have any questions. 

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