April 11, 2012

Yes, I DO get ready in 15 minutes.

How to be ready for the day in 15 minutes 

I am the type of girl who adores sleep. Sleep is my love, and I would die without it (literally). Me, being the typically, unwise human being that I am, always stay up to late at night then regret it every morning. This problem is always causing me to be running late! ALWAYS.  My schedule in the morning usually goes something like this: *Hear alarm (normally some LOUD song)*, *groan*, *hit sleep button*,*resume sleeping*,*hear alarm*, *groan louder*, *hit sleep*, *resume sleeping*, *dread alarm*,*here alarm*, *groan loudly*, *hit sleep*-well you get the idea. My alarm goes off at 6 a.m., but I normally don't get out of bed until 6:45...yaaa... and I have to be ready by 7:00 a.m. Yes, I am a girl- no, I am not Wonder-woman.  So how do I do it you ask??? Well by a number of well thought out secrets which I am going to reveal to you. Please enjoy!!

Of the Hair and the Body:

  • The first time saving secret: shower at night. People! As simple as this is, it works wonders! This cuts time because you don't have to shower (10 minutes) and blow dry your hair (10 minutes). See! you have 20- if not more- minutes extra already!

  • If you have to, style your hair before you sleep! I don't because my hair is naturally straight so it takes about 4 minutes to do, but if you are one of those people who straighten their naturally curly (gorgeous) hair every morning, just do it at night! It may be a little kinky in the morning, but that won't take long to fix. You can even re-wet and blow dry your bangs in the morning so your hair looks even more fresh. I also like to use no heat curling methods, such as the headband curling technique, or rollers.. OR more ideally just embrace MESSY hair

  • The third sleep adding technique:  Sleep in your outfit... JOKING, JOKING! Don't do that! But DO choose your out-fit the night before. We as women are so in-decisive and picky. We never know what to wear and we end up putting on and taking off half of our closet! So I suggest picking out your out-fit the night before. Lay it out on a chair where you can just throw it on and not think twice about what you're picking up! This is also a genius plan for me because I am so NOT motivated in the morning, if I don't have a cute out-fit put together the night before I end up waking up (late) and just throwing on a sweat-shirt, when I pick it out the night before then I already have it ready and I don't give myself the option of choosing a sweatshirt. I also seem to be most creative at night when I should be sleeping- it's like my brain launches into hyper-drive and I start thinking of all these ideas which cause me to stay up even later. 

Of the Face:

So my make-up takes me about 5 minutes, sometimes when I'm running late I don't even do my make-up at home, but throw all the products into my purse and do them in the bathroom before class. My products that make my "daily-face-painting" so easy are the basics: eye-liner (which is the one thing I don't go without), mascara, powder, eye-shadow, and lip stick. Those are my staples, and to save time I have them all in one spot- I keep all the pencilish items in a Mason jar and the pallets, etc in a container next to it. They are all accessible in a breeze. Just try and organize everything and have a routine of how you do things. For example, I always do things from the most important to most trivial, that way if I have to leave early I have the most important things done. Try to keep your make-up simple if you want things to go quickly. I'll try and get a make-up tutorial up soon!

Happy mornings to all. 

Love, Whitney 

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