January 07, 2013

Lucy, my Love.

        I'm sitting at the desk here, drinking a cup of tea out of my hand-painted, (by myself), Harry Potter mug, and feeling perfectly happy. Although classes started up again today, and I already have a mound of homework and a speech for Saturday to memorize, I feel lovely.  Life is good.  "Animal Tracks" by Mountain Man is playing through my speakers and my new love, Lucy, is scampering around my feet yelping at my little brother! 

        So tonight I'd love to introduce you to Lucy! She is an Australian Shepherd puppy and probably cuter than any other, living thing you have ever seen in all of your life! I can't put into words how excited I was when I discovered that she was my Christmas present. For years and years I have been begging my parents for a puppy. BEGGING I TELL YOU. Finally my wish was granted and now we have Lucy, a frisky, adorable, cuddly, adorable, adorable, puppy in our home. 

Enough of my ranting about her adorableness.. I'll just show you.

OmyLanta. Can't even handle it. 

Goodnight, Comrades. 

Love, Whitney

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