March 25, 2013


        I really don't want all of you to think that I'm completely self-absorbed or obsessed with pictures of myself.  Nothing bothers me more than "Selfie-Sunday" and Instagram feeds with nothing more than countless pictures of your own face.

It's just that we found our old tripod from my mom's old film camera and I wanted to try it out yesterday afternoon. I have also been meaning to test out my white/grey bedroom wall as a background. It could potentially be extremely useful with other people's pictures I'll be taking (Lord willing). 

This is the result of my tripod/wall run. I had an, well, interesting time pretending to be ferocious and sometimes in pain. Cameras are pretty amazing and so is red lipstick.

Natural lighting and black and white RAW filters are my favorite. 

Also.. to keep in style with my music trend right now I am listening to Devil On My Shoulder by Orla Gartland.  She's the bomb. 

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