March 04, 2013


       Last weekend was glorious! It was not only our usual three day reprieve from school, but a five day break! I couldn't have asked for more! The longer hiatus was because of a snow storm that (sort-of) blew through on Wednesday night. It lasted all day Thursday, thus canceling school on friday as well. The extra two days were just what I needed to get some required sleep and spend some time reading (re-reading Harry Potter) and playing my guitar. I also got the chance to have Katie over and do a little photo-shoot we had been longing for since summer.

      The break was amazing, although it almost made returning to school last Tuesday even harder. I say we skip these last three months and go straight to summer! Who's with me?

    Also, since I have seemingly been on a streak of posting what I'm lisstening to while typing I figured I'd include it in this post. Right now I'm jamming to Fist Full of Silence by the Glitch Mob.  I know.  I go hardcore.

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