March 30, 2013




          Today is absolutely perfect. The sun is shining and it smells like spring.  My mood this morning is close to identical to how my 8-year-old brother is on Christmas.  That probably can be attributed to the wonderful Easter weekend I have been having.

         Yesterday we were blessed with a glorious 70 degree day that I was able to enjoy outside with Katie.  We spent Thursday night crying our eyes out to Les Mis then woke up last morning to sunshine and a walk exploring the woods.  I then had coffee with a long lost friend around 2 then got back just in time to go for a walkish/run (probably more walk then run).  Last night we then had our Easter Cantata at our church which went marvelously. I love being able to worship and glorify my God with my voice. After the performance was over, we went to our local coffee shop. I drank some fantastic ice tea and then went on a spontaneous trip to the movies with a bunch of friends. When we got home I discovered it was raining so I was then able to fall asleep to the sound of the rain pattering on my window.  Life is so good to me. Today I have already been outside for a while, breathing in the smell of the freshly watered earth.  Nothing soothes the soul more than sunshine and spring. If you have the chance today, I  strongly advise a trip out-of-doors.  Sometimes we forget to appreciate what is right out our back door. During the summer we take for advantage the sun and the green grass: something that has gone amiss for a few months here.  That's why I'm thankful for the dreary month of February because it makes the coming of spring all the more anticipated.  It's like when you're sick for an extended amount of time and all you want is to be able to do the tasks you once did with ease. Take today and thank The Lord for what we have been given. Not only the promise of spring and another day to be alive, but this weekend is Easter weekend: the weekend we celebrate Christ's death and resurrection.  To think that He really did that for us... for me?  Took all of the world's sin upon Him and died for us?  Life truly is a blessing. 

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